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Our group does not benefit financially from sales . Any profit made goes directly back to producers over seas.

Fairtrade Fortnight, February 25th - March 10th, we held a coffee morning at the Methodist Church at 10am-12pm on March 2nd where we highlighted the cocoa bean farmers and focusing on fairtade chocolate.

We served delicious fairtrade cakes and refreshments and we had on sale a selection of foods, Easter gifts, cards and crafts. 

At the coffee morning we presented some Fairtrade Footballs to representatives of the First schools in the town.  They were bought with some money from a grant generously given to us by the town council.

The mayor of Droitwich at the coffee morning
Representatives from the first schools collecting the footballs

Levelling the playing field through Fairtrade

Children around Droitwich will be bouncing into action with a gift of Fairtrade footballs from Droitwich Fairtrade Group. Making use of a grant from Droitwich Town Council, the group has given twelve ethically-produced footballs each to St Joseph’s, St Peters, Westlands and Chawson primary schools.

Droitwich Fairtrade Group support and encourage Fairtrade in the town, working with local schools, churches and businesses. Through their work the town achieved Fairtrade Town status in 2007 and they continue to run events and sell Fairtrade products. Recently they were successful in applying for a community grant from the town council which they decided to use to benefit local young people and promote Fairtrade in schools.

The Bala footballs were made in Bangladesh, where 70% of the world’s hand stitched footballs are produced. Workers making ordinary footballs often work long hours and are not paid enough money to support themselves and their families. Fairtrade footballs are produced by workers who are paid a living wage and benefit from fair working conditions. In addition they are paid a Fairtrade Premium, a cash sum used to benefit the whole community, for instance by providing free health care or education.

Emily Bowsher, Secretary of Droitwich Fairtrade Group, said, “We believe that children should be playing with footballs, not making them. We’re thrilled to be able to use the money given to us by Droitwich Town Council to promote Fairtrade and help local schools”.

All the primary schools in Droitwich have benefitted from the footballs, some of which will be used in a tournament with other schools. Luke Stokes, PE Co-ordinator at St Peters Primary School, said “We’d like to thank Droitwich Fairtrade Group for their presentation of

Bala footballs for the school. The children will love playing them and they will be used to help us deliver our broad and balanced curriculum”.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Fairtrade products and the work of the Fairtrade Group can visit the regular Fairtrade stall at the Methodist Church every Wednesday from 10.00 to 12.00.