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Our group does not benefit financially from sales . Any profit made goes directly back to producers over seas.

The mayor, the big banana and two members of the Droitwich Fairtrade Group at a recent coffee morning, held during Fairtrade Fortnight.  Everyone who attended was given a Fairtrade banana and a bar of Fairtrade chocolate as a way of highlighting the plight of Farmers in developing countries. Cocoa farmers typically earn 65p per day, if not selling to Fairtrade companies.

Salt Day - 8th September

Please do visit the Fairtrade Stall in the park at the SaltFest on September 8th. There will be displays of past events, information on who we are and what we do and some free gifts to give away. Also some trinkets to buy. These accompanying photos are taken from past Salt Days.

Salt Day 2017 Salt Day 2017 Salt Day 2017